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Cindy DeJager is highly skilled at anything she puts her hand to doing. As the owner, editor and creator of Opal Magazine, she is a force to be reckoned with! She has […]

LIBERTY FORREST, Success Mindset | Create Your Dream Life

Cindy’s writings are so interesting. I am always captured by her stories.


Cindy gave me my first big PR with a cover of Opal magazine when I published my first book, The Fountain, back in 2016 and I’ll be forever grateful. Now, I’m lucky […]


I wanted to take a minute to tell everybody about a great online magazine not only for writers, but for readers as well. Here you get a potpourri of inside information for […]

M.J. PRESTON, Author

Cindy DeJager is a high functioning professional who has incredible influence in both the publishing and media world. Her magazine, Opal was an incredible forum for my clients and every one of […]


Cindy DeJager is a powerful force in publishing world! Opal Magazine (both the print and the online community) is a remarkable resource for writers, publishers and allied professionals. As an audiobook production […]

JENNY HOOPS, Audio Book Producer

Cindy DeJager is a detail-oriented and driven storyteller who loves to empower others through the work she does. I met Cindy through her work on Opal Magazine – she profiled our company […]

JEAN LEGGETT, Games and Edtech CEO, Coach, Keynote Speaker

I have worked with Cindy DeJager for a number of years now, submitting my stories, poems and articles to her Opal Magazine and Opal Publishing website. I have enjoyed being a part […]

BORIS GLIKMAN, Independent Writing and Editing Professional

Cindy is a dynamic force in publishing and highly supportive of writers and authors. I had the pleasure of writing briefly for Opal Magazine and look forward to future collaborations. – Wanda St. Hilaire […]


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