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The Um’s and Ah’s of Writing

Have you ever been excited to read a book, only to find you’ve read chapter one three times and you just can’t get into it? There are dozens of reasons the writing might not grab you, but it could be as simple as the writer including too many filler words. These words creep into all kinds of writing, and can trip up your reader. But they’re easy to fix once you know where to look for them, so keep reading to find out how…

When Can You Break The Rules In Writing?

If you’re a writer, you’ve probably come across conflicting philosophies on writing “rules”, especially if you’re ever sent your work out for feedback. Because, you probably got a mixed bag of suggestions. One reader’s favorite chapter of your book might be the one another reader suggests that you axe. Whether you’re a writer who strives […]

Writing For Radio

Use words that crackle and crunchThey’re the tools of the trade. Imagery is important as you build your story. You speak and the tale becomes real. That’s the power of imagination. Talk to your audience as if they’re sitting across the table.You’re communicating with real people. They can feel your sincerity. Your story must have […]

WHY Your Book Needs a Logline

A logline boils your entire story down to a single, easily understood concept. In about 25-50 words, it captures the essence of the story in one sentence and is the first description of a film or book that the audience will encounter.

10 Tips for Receiving Critique with Resilience

Having fellow writers and professionals read and critique your work is a necessary step on the way to publication, but hearing all that is wrong with the words you poured your heart and soul into can feel stressful and disheartening. It doesn’t have to be this way. When you embrace the critique with resilience (the […]

The Quest for the Secret of Writing Success

By Linda White I embarked on a quest for the secret to writing success. I bought books, magazines, and sought out workshops. I became a workshop Junkie, attending whenever I could. I earned the title of Queen of the First Chapter for my multiple false starts. I knew there must be a secret that would […]

Is Your Manuscript Ready for Readers?

How do you know when your story is ready to nudge out of its nest and fly into the world? This question can take a lot of forms: Is my book good enough? Will readers care about my characters? Did I catch all the mistakes? Trust me, I know how scary these thoughts can be. […]

Develop A Writing Action Plan in 6 Steps

Have you ever made a new writing goal only to find yourself getting distracted, giving up and failing? The sad fact is, that a staggering 82% of new years resolutions fail. The vast majority of goal setters don’t follow through. The problem is not the goal, it is in the lack of preparation. Benjamin Franklin […]

The Writer’s Home Office – A Festive Touch

By Barbori Garnet With the Christmas and holiday season coming up, why not take the time to add a festive touch to your home office? Taking the time to play holiday music, decorate, or choose from any or all of the below ideas could be just the answer to making your writing area a home […]


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