Improve Your Writing

Is Your Manuscript Ready for Readers?

How do you know when your story is ready to nudge out of its nest and fly into the world? This question can take a lot of forms: Is my book good enough? Will readers care about my characters? Did I catch all the mistakes? Trust me, I know how scary these thoughts can be. […]

Develop A Writing Action Plan in 6 Steps

Have you ever made a new writing goal only to find yourself getting distracted, giving up and failing? The sad fact is, that a staggering 82% of new years resolutions fail. The vast majority of goal setters don’t follow through. The problem is not the goal, it is in the lack of preparation. Benjamin Franklin […]

The Writer’s Home Office – A Festive Touch

By Barbori Garnet With the Christmas and holiday season coming up, why not take the time to add a festive touch to your home office? Taking the time to play holiday music, decorate, or choose from any or all of the below ideas could be just the answer to making your writing area a home […]

5 Types of Supporting Characters

You’ve nailed down your main character and constructed a worthy adversary and now need to flesh out the cast and people your book. You need more characters.Well-developed supporting characters help to create a more rounded protagonist and reinforce the story between the protagonist and the antagonist. Supporting characters work in harmony with the main character […]

Does the Book You’re Writing Match the Book You Wanted to Write?

I wrote a lot of half-books as a tween. What’s a half-book you ask? It’s a book I started, got to about chapter eight and then didn’t finish. I could make lots of excuses for my tween self and why she didn’t finish those books. We moved a lot and notebooks got lost. Heck, the […]

The Writer’s Home Office

By Barbori Garnet, Setting goals for your home office space first will help you to be more focused and efficient in your writing time. By setting goals such as when and how long you will write for, how often you will tidy and organize your work space, when you will practice reading your writing, and […]

Creating Emotionally Rich Characters

Creating characters that resonate with readers can be difficult. As writers, we have the tendency to strive to design the perfect character. Like an artist at the potter’s wheel, we take a nondescript hunk of clay, and we mold, shape, and smooth it until we cultivate the traits, behaviours, and actions of the perfect character. […]

Show it, Don’t Tell It

The concept of “show, don’t tell” is one of the most misunderstood pieces of writing advice and one of the hardest to implement consistently in both fiction and non-fiction. Showing readers what’s happening in your scene instead of telling them is simple, right? It’s not. Even if you’ve been writing for a long time, telling […]

Architect Writing: Outlining A Novel

By Kelsey Barthel, Author I am a bad gardener. I was only ever able to make one plant grow in my entire life. I don’t like the idea that you can follow the instructions, do your best and sometimes it just won’t pan out. I hate the unpredictability of it. How so many things are […]

The Art of Travel Memoir

By Wanda St. Hilaire Years ago, my mother asked me a highly intuitive question. “I feel there’s something you want to do and you’re not doing it. Am I right?” “As a matter of fact, yes.” I was a writer with a burning desire to weave my travel tales, but I wanted to tell the […]