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Our 2020 Pricing for
Opal Writers’ Magazine

At Opal Publishing we believe that consistency builds your brand. It takes time and repetition to build that trust and rapport with your readers, and that is why our Branding Packages are no less than a one-year investment.


$300.00add 40%$300 + 40% = $420
Large Rectangle
336×280 px
$276.00add 30%$276 + 30%= $358.80
Medium Rectangle
300×250 px
$264.00add 30%$264 + 30% = $343.20
Skyscraper Ad
160×600 px
$240.00add 30%$240 + 30% = $312

*Location: Requests to run an ad on a specific page; for example running an ad on a particular authors article page may generate more views than another.


Show off your book in a tall bookmark ad.
Includes your 50-word book summary, book cover, and one link to buy the book. *Random placement only*.

12-Month $240

Example of Bookmark:




600-Word Package

This is the perfect space to promote your company or service.
A feature article that specifically presents your company or service to the reader.
You are free to include your products and services along with any links to your sites.

Your feature article may include logo’s, graphics and links.

Full Page: word count up to 600 words.
1-Year: $600

Need More Space? Choose our 1200 word-count package.

1200 Word Package

This package is perfect if you have a large image, or several, and lots of text.
Word count up to 1200 words.
1-Year: $1068

At Opal Publishing we believe that to write consistently to your audience gains you recognition and expert credibility with your prospective and current clients. It takes time and repetition to build that trust and rapport with your readers, and that is why our Advertorial Package plan is no less than a one-year investment in your brand.
Need assistance – we are here to help you.

Be an Opal Writers’ Magazine EXPERT

*Only 1 expert in each field.
*Your articles display the Opal Writers’ Magazine Expert badge.
*Your spot is locked in for 1-year – so don’t lose this opportunity to a competitor!

Saturday Newsletter Ad/Mention:

Buy a space in the Saturday newsletter for only $80 per month.
This includes up to 300 words and 2 images.

Brand with Opal Writers’ Magazine.
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