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PUBLISHER of the Opal Writers’ Magazine, Opal Rising Magazine.

Opal Publishing has two magazine imprints under our company: Opal Writers’ and Opal Rising magazines.

Magazine Design and Publishing

We have over 10 years’ experience creating and publishing magazines and other circulations, ask us how we can help you create a magazine for yourself or your business.

We do not accept book manuscripts for publishing, however, we can direct you those who can. Opal Publishing has professional collaborations and relationships with professional book publishers and literary agents who can assist you.

Opal Publishing History

In August 2000 my mother self-published her book, The Many Waters, and I was privileged to help her with the marketing. My mother was a pioneer and courageously chose to step into the future long before the present was ready for her thoughts and ideas. I grew up in a home where books were plentiful.
The experience I had when helping my mother market books was exciting and it steered my interests to helping other authors promote their books. I started a book review service that eventually turned into a newsletter that I distributed to the Calgary Library branches, and that short newsletter very quickly turned into a magazine. In 2008 I got my dream job as the Senior Editor for Great News Publishing where I worked for the next 8 years until 2017.
Opal magazine wasn’t officially named ‘Opal’ until shortly before my mother passed away in 2015. In honor and in memory of my close relationship with her, I decided to name my business Opal, after our birthstones.


Opal Publishing
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Email: opalpublishing.calgary@gmail.com

Cindy DeJager,
Opal Publishing