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Opal Rising Magazine APRIL 2021

Natal Chart

Crystal Dawn

In the study of astrology, a natal chart can be calculated based on the precise location of the planets in the sky at the moment of your physical birth. Also known as a birth chart, this ‘snapshot’ of the heavens can be analyzed to provide deep insight into your personality traits, motivations and desires. Your natal chart is the foundation for all astrology readings, and for this reason it’s very important to know your exact birth time and geographic location on the planet. If your birth time or location is unknown, the chart will be less accurate, but still very useful.

You’re probably familiar with your sun sign- the one you can read horoscopes for in the daily newspaper. Your sign sun is simply the place on the zodiac where the sun was at the moment of your birth. You may have been born on April 30th, and know that your sun sign is Taurus. But did you know that each planet in the sky occupies a place on the zodiac wheel? The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all become very important when interpreting your natal chart. You may have Venus in Scorpio or Jupiter in Aquarius and so on.

Your ‘snapshot’ of the sky at birth is also sectioned into what we call ‘houses’ for the purpose of analyzing the different areas of life. The first house (the zodiac sign that was rising in the eastern horizon at birth) represents our identity, sense of self, general temperament and physical appearance. You may have Gemini ruling your first house, and this would give you strong intellectual abilities, a sense of curiosity, a desire to communicate and a very adaptable nature. Each of the twelve houses represents an area of life that is colored by the zodiac sign ruler and any planets in that particular house. We can also analyze the aspects or relationships between planets to go deeper.

So is an astrologer a fortune teller? Unfortunately not! Looking at one’s natal chart cannot provide specific details, dates or outcomes of situations. Astrology can tell us what energies we are destined to work with in this lifetime based on the signs and positions of the planets. It can provide insight into how we may unconsciously react to situations, and how to use our personal energy to achieve what our soul needs to work on during this life time. A natal chart can be the map or guiding light for you to understand what your soul is looking to achieve or heal in this lifetime. Geometry, symbols, glyphs and mathematical relationships between planets can seem like a foreign language.

If you’re struggling to make sense of it all, or just don’t know where to begin, an experienced astrologer can help you to navigate your natal chart and provide you with insight on relationships, your childhood and parents, career or profession, hopes and dreams, psychological patterns and more.

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Faceless: Using Spirit and Nature
to Cope with Isolation

Maggie Marshall


These are crazy times in most of the world. Faces are missing everywhere. I feel like I live in some dystopian, science fiction novel. No matter what your opinion is about what is going on, everyone is feeling the lack of physical human connection. Some say they feel more connected, and, digitally, maybe so. We have forgotten what it means to be human, though, or maybe we are starting to remember, as our humanity is taken away.
We need physical cues and presence. Without it, we become even more separate and lonely. This was an age of separation even a year ago. Now it is more so. We can’t tell who anyone is. And those who do show a face may be attacked for doing so. So we are separated by hiding, and by showing.
We are disconnected from our true nature, our real humanity. This separation and isolation, we have been told, is good for our health, but it is not. What happened to needing 8-12 hugs a day for mental and physical health? Being told not to breathe is not good for our health either, but that is another topic. We have forgotten our physicality, our connection to our bodies and this living planet.
We connect through a variety of languages – minute facial cues, facial structure, spiritual essence, body language, odors and scents, our frequency, and our whole biological ecology of the critters that live around us, on us and in us. We are an ecosystem, which is integral to the planetary ecosystem.
Without facial expression, we are bereft. There are specialists who study body language and facial structure. It is all so subtle. We do not even know we are getting these cues. The shape of mouth, the jut of a chin, the slope of nose, all can give us hints as to whether we would even resonate with a person. Sure, they say “the eyes are a window to the soul,” but it is not the only facial feature. Video calls do not pick up all the subtleties of structure and expression, and are devoid of other senses we use to connect.
Humans are sensual, loving beings who love to touch, smell and taste. Technology is wonderful, but it is a shell of the real thing. Spirit, our inner knowing and nature are always essential to our health, but so is our connection to each other in a real, visceral way. We are not just talking heads.

Imaginary Horse

So how do we compensate or cope in our isolation? Maybe we feel an even deeper connection to spirit and nature. Maybe we feel a really strong need to hug a tree, feel the sun on our face, or see a bird. And when we do, it’s the highlight of the day. Maybe we even feel this in our bodies?
During one of my meditations, I had a sudden, visceral need for a horse. A horse!! Why? I love horses but have had little experience with them. So why did I feel such an intense need to hug a horse, ride a horse, or just view their beauty. Why do I cry when I see one on TV?
I recently learned that horses have 17 facial expressions, second only to humans who have 27. Their expressions are similar to humans, plus they use their ears. Dogs have 16 – no wonder we bond so well with dogs. Cats? Who knows, but I can sure tell what my cat is thinking even if I haven’t analyzed how I know.
So I’m curious as to why horses are coming to me so strongly. Is it that they have so many expressions, even though I didn’t know that? Or maybe, they symbolize power and freedom, which it seems we do not have right now or, at least, we think we do not have.
There is another side to the horse, if you look at the history. They have been restrained and abused – used in war, used as pit ponies in mines, used as pack animals – and slaughtered. They’ve been abused in various races and rodeos, for our pleasure. They’ve had blinkers put on them so they cannot fully see. How much fear and pain have they experienced through us? Do they feel like they have had their wild spirit or nature beaten out of them?

How about us? Are we being tamed into submission? Do we feel stagnant, in prison, incapable of moving forward? How do we get going in these times of restriction? Are we only allowed to be narrowly creative? Are our efforts thwarted? Are we inhibited, fenced in by obstacles?
Did you know that they use arsenic to improve horse endurance and give their coat a glossy look? Sometimes I wonder if how we treat animals is coming back to haunt us. The “powers that be” are doing the same to us – lock us up, reign us in, and possibly inject us with substances. Maybe I feel a strong connection to horses because we resonate on the abuse level, and we both desire freedom and power. What happened to our wildness, our earthy nature, our true nature?
Despite all this, horses seem to be very compassionate to us and offer us therapy. People seek relief from trauma, PTSD, grief, autism, and behavioural issues through a relationship with horses. There is something about a horse’s ability to bond with us, if they trust us, which leads us to self-discovery and acceptance. Confidence and self-empowerment increase from developing a practical and spiritual relationship with such a large, fascinating and beautiful animal.
Luckily I have found someone who has horses. So if I visit, maybe a horse will come to see me and connect with me. Maybe our frequencies will match. Maybe we can heal each other? Maybe my grief for this world will lessen.

Your Imaginary Healer

So who are you going to connect with? Is there some aspect of nature that calls to you, or even a spiritual being who is trying to get your attention? Begin a conversation with them, receive some healing, and give some love. Wisdom received from these conversations with imaginary “friends” will help you face the human world in your own unique, creative and powerful way.

Maggie Marshall helps you in remembering your true nature of connection, healing and inner power. She guides you through spiritual, body awareness and shamanic experiences. She lives in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada near her beautiful tree and deer friends.

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DON’T Reduce Your Dreams to Fit Your Reality Now –
EXPAND Your Reality Now to Fit Your Dreams

Liberty Forrest

I’ll bet you have a dream. Maybe even more than one. And if you don’t have any right now, I’ll bet it’s because somewhere along the way, you had some that never came true.
And if that happened – especially if it happened a bunch of times – you might have given up on the notion of having dreams altogether. If that’s the case, it’s a sad state of affairs and it’s my mission in life to change that.
Am I going to promise that your dreams will all come true if you just click your heels together three times or something equally sweet but impossible?
Not a chance. Am I going to disregard how much it hurts when dreams die or get blown to smithereens?
Nope. I know that pain all too well myself. I know how it feels to swear you’ll never dream again because it just never turns out like you thought and it hurts too much to see them crumble before your very eyes.
But does that mean you should never dream again? Absolutely not.

Dreams don’t cost anything. They just ask to be heard, to be acknowledged. And what they give in return will be amazing.

There’s no guarantee that your dreams will come true, just as there’s no guarantee that the plans you make in the morning for the rest of your day won’t get interrupted or derailed in some way. That’s life. It happens. And when it does, you make new plans. You adjust the old ones.
Or you create new dreams. They make life worth living. They give us something to work toward. They inspire us and ignite a creative spark inside us that tells us what really matters to us. And sometimes those dreams are tied to a sense of purpose. That’s pretty powerful, don’t you think?
When you have dreams, you’re only expected to do your best to achieve them. There’s no rule that says you have to get there, or that you can’t change your mind. But while you’ve got them, do your best to make them happen and heck, perhaps they’ll actually become your reality.
What’s crucial to the idea of having dreams is that they allow you to think outside the box and to create goals for yourself that will enhance your life when you reach them. They allow you the freedom to create a fulfilling life that will bring you and your family happiness.

If dreams are supposed to do all that, how can any of it happen if you don’t dream in a way that is bigger than your life is at the moment? If your only dreams are to get a job you like better than the current one, or to pay off your credit cards, or to take a family holiday every year, then the most you can hope for is the job you like better, the credit cards to be paid off and the family holiday every year.
If you’re not thinking about any more than that, you’re not trying for any more than that. And if you’re not trying for any more than that, you won’t get any more than that. Life will be about plodding along, day after day, never knowing what great things you could achieve, what adventures you could have, or just how far you could really go.
We have imaginations. We are creative beings. Even if you’re not creative in the traditional sense (i.e. art, music etc.), you still have the ability to create your own world, your own life.
You are still able to carve out a life for yourself that makes you happy, and that you find to be fulfilling and rewarding.
If having that job you like, with no debts and a family holiday leave you feeling fulfilled and blissful, then that’s great. More power to you. But if you find yourself sometimes being a bit wistful, wishing for that big house in the country, those exotic travels, the pursuit of hobbies that you think you can’t afford in time or money, or if there is anything else you wish you could do or try, then there’s a door with a dream on the other side of it.

Whether or not you choose to open that door is entirely up to you because you are the creator of your life, the master of your destiny, the weaver of your own dreams. No one but you can make them come true.
If you restrict your dreams by thinking you will only ever achieve the mundane, the usual, the average, then that’s exactly what you’ll get. But if you lift yourself out of what you already have and you allow yourself to imagine the possibilities, your life will begin to open up, and to blossom and unfold in a way that begins to take you down new and exciting roads.
Dreams don’t cost anything. They just ask to be heard, to be acknowledged. And what they give you in return will be amazing.
Go on. Open that door. And see where it leads you. It can only be somewhere wonderful. ▪

Liberty Forrest
I Help Creative Entrepreneurs Develop a Bullet-Proof Mindset To Grab Life by the Throat and Insist on Chasing Their Dreams.

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Become A DRIVER, Instead of a Passenger

Dannye Williamsen

What is the primary difference between a driver and a passenger? The driver has control. He can choose where to go and how to get there. The passenger goes along for the ride, but the thrill and the satisfaction of navigating the course and determining the destination is not part of his experience except vicariously.
Do you take charge of your experiences or do you let others call the shots? Do you sit quietly on the side, perhaps even offer advice, but never take the wheel? If you answered “yes,” I’ll also bet that you have a lot of dreams you never expect to be more than just dreams.
If you do want to make your dreams come true, you have to sit behind the wheel and navigate your own course. It’s not easy. There will be moments when you feel like a failure. You will make turns that cause you to detour from your planned path, but it’s the only chance you have of reaching your goals. No one is going to bring them to you. You have to make the journey yourself.
When you set a goal, it’s imperative to understand there will be resistance. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The resistance could be an “in your face” event, or it may be more subtle. It may just be those voices in your head that tell you all the reasons you can’t do this.

Setbacks are not negative events, however, and neither are the voices. The setbacks are reflections of attitudes that are within you—attitudes that drew those kinds of experiences to you. The voices are those attitudes inside you stepping up to the microphone in an effort to maintain the status quo. How you deal with resistance is an important part of your journey. If you fall victim to the setbacks or the voices, you will start making excuses about why your goal is out of your reach or why you’re not meant to have it.

When dealing with resistance, remember to keep your eye on your goal so that you don’t get too far off course. Setbacks are your opportunity to change your life—to meet those old ideas you have about yourself and move past them without letting them slow you down too much. Don’t think it will necessarily be easy though.
Confronting these attitudes means tearing down parts of your belief system. This can be scary. After all, you’ve spent your whole life creating and embracing these beliefs. Everything you’ve done has been supported by them. You may even feel a sense of loyalty to them. If they say you don’t have the talent to accomplish your new goal, going ahead with it could feel like a betrayal or just a silly escapade that will eventually embarrass you and prove that your old beliefs are right.
It takes courage and persistence to confront the resistance you meet when you set a goal. It also requires directed movement.

Do you have a map in your mind showing various ways to get from where you are now to where you want to be? If you’ve never been somewhere before, a map is advantageous. It’s just as true when you set out to reach a goal. Unfortunately, people who speak about goal-setting often gloss over this part as if beginning the journey is the easiest aspect of reaching one’s goal. Actually, it isn’t. I put it right up there with the first time you get behind the wheel of a car and have to turn left onto a busy highway from a parking lot. It seems impossible, and you put the car in reverse several times to back up and look for a better way out.
Don’t be discouraged if it feels like you don’t have a clue in the beginning. Most people don’t. It’s only afterward when they’ve figured it out that clarity arrives, and they no longer remember being unsure of the steps along the way.

Be sure to stretch yourself!
If you don’t, you will choose goals consistent with your beliefs about yourself. Such goals encounter little resistance and are easy to achieve. Stretching yourself increases your confidence as you meet setbacks so that you can continue on. Even the nature of your goals may change. You may choose the scenic route rather than the freeway because you understand that the journey is more important than the destination.

When you finally do reach your goal, you will already be making plans for the next journey. You will never be a passenger again! ▪

Dannye Williamsen is a Ghostwriter, Editor, Author of fiction and nonfiction, and Creator of an award-winning 5 CD audiobook. Dannye holds a degree in psychology and has studied spiritual psychology for thirty-five years. She and her late husband shared a passion for spiritual psychology. She is a Southerner from Memphis, Tennessee.

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The Healing Energy of Crystals

Crystal Dawn

Did you know that crystals are the most simple yet the most stable forms of matter in the universe?
As a crystal is formed deep within the earth under immense heat and pressure, it grows into a precise three dimensional pattern of atoms called a crystal lattice. The crystalline pattern repeats itself throughout the entire crystal structure packed as tightly as possible until no more free atoms are available and the crystal is terminated. Termination results in prismatic points or blocks depending on the crystal’s pattern. This strictly ordered system is held together by strong electromagnetic forces. Every crystal emits a different energetic frequency depending on its size, composition and color.

The human body also emits a vibrational frequency, but it’s very unstable. Our mood, activities and the environment we are in constantly affect our ‘vibe’ and can ultimately lead to physical ailments or disease. Using crystals to assist in healing the body is based on the principle of vibrational resonance: that orderliness and simplicity in any form will bring chaotic energies into a greater state of order. When a crystal comes into contact with your body or your energy, it will raise your vibrational frequency. Being at a higher vibrational frequency may help you to move past mental, physical and spiritual blockages.

When considering what crystal to use, you can make your selections based on your intuition, or with your intention. Does a particular crystal call out to you, or just feel right when you hold it? If you aren’t sure what you want to work on, let your intuition guide you to a crystal. It may be that is the one you unconsciously need to work with. If your intention is to help with a particular issue or challenge that you are experiencing, you can select a crystal that has the right frequency or color to provide you with the energy you need. For example, rose quartz is helpful for magnifying feelings of self-love, or the unconditional love for others. Amethyst can boost intuition, relieve stress and bring balance back into your life.

Carnelian can give you the confidence to break through energetic blocks, and ignite action for your creative pursuits.
A crystal guidebook or a quick internet search will give you numerous options for your energetic needs.
Whatever your purpose for using crystals, they remain integral in our lives whether you are aware or not. Humankind has been using crystals and minerals for millennia. We find them as sand and pebbles on the beach, in everyday items such watches and radios regulated by quartz crystals, lasers made with ruby or garnet, diamond dust for cutting blades, and silicon crystals in computer chips, just to name a few. As technology advances and humankind evolves, we will no doubt see more fascination for these ancient and precious stones. ▪

Crystal Niddrie is a lightworker who loves to share the science behind energy modalities. With a professional background in chemistry, Crystal has also studied astrology and energy healing for over 30 years and currently practices intuitive astrology, tarot, crystals and Reiki with her clients. ▪

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Raise Your VIBRATION with Essential Oils

Cindy DeJager

Everything Has an Electrical Frequency

Essential oils have a frequency that is several times greater than the frequency of herbs, food, and even the human body. Clinical research has shown that essential oils can quickly raise the frequency of the human body, restoring it to its normal, healthy level.

Electrical Frequencies

Human brain 72-90 MHz
Human body (day) 62-68 MHz
Cold symptoms 58 MHz
Flu symptoms 57 MHz
Candida 55 MHz
Epstein-Barr 52 MHz
Cancer 42 MHz
Death begins 25 MHz
Processed food 0 MHz
Fresh produce 15 MHz
Dry herbs 12-22 MHz
Fresh herbs 20-27 MHz
Essential oils 52-320 MHz

Essential Oils and Blends for Meditation

Elevate your Spiritual Experience with some of these blends and single oils.
Recommended Essential oil Blends for Meditation:

Sesame seed oil, Melissa leaf oil, geranium flower oil, frankincense resin oil, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood oil, coriander seed oil, Angelica root oil, lavender oil, Citrus aurantium bergamia (furanocoumarin-free bergamot), lemon peel oil, ylang ylang flower oil, Jasmine flower extract, Helichrysum italicum oil, Roman chamomile flower oil, palmarosa oil, Rose flower oil.

Gentle Baby (also highly beneficial for skin care!) Geranium, Coriander, Palmarosa, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile, Lemon, Jasmine, Rose.

Bergamot peel oil, Ylang ylang flower oil, Geranium flower oil, Lemon peel oil, Coriander seed oil, Tangerine peel oil, Jasmine oil, Roman chamomile flower oil, Palmarosa oil, Rose flower oil.

Recommended single oils for Meditation:

Palo Santo

These oils were chosen for their High Spiritual Frequency. A single essential oil has a range of frequency from low to high, with the highest frequency being able to affect the spiritual being. ▪

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3 Reasons to Drink Kefir

Angela Villavicenio

If you are living in North America, kefir is probably something you have never heard of or even tried! It’s one of those things that seem to have escaped our health radar just because it is a fermented drink. However, for centuries Europeans and Asians have used kefir for medical purposes. Today we understand that that these health-promoting effects are likely due to the high content of B vitamins, magnesium, enzymes and most importantly probiotics!
Probiotics, which are also known as friendly microorganisms, are abundant in fermented foods. Kefir, however, is one the highest probiotic foods you can eat. We can put it simply by comparing it to yogurt: Yogurt contains on average 2-5 bacterial strains, whereas kefir contains about 35 strains!
So why does this even matter? Well first off, our guts are populated by trillions of microorganisms. And secondly, we need these microorganisms to survive. Recently science has delved into the world of these “invisible” bacteria and is proving their many benefits. Although it may not sound like the most appetizing drink, below are 3 reasons that will make you want kefir!

3 Benefits of Drinking Kefir

  1. Boost Immune System
    We have all experienced a cough and a cold! In fact, most adults experience 2-3 episodes per year. The harsh part about it is that there is no effective treatment. At least not until now! In a study of 20 trials revealed that probiotics reduce the duration of coughs and cold symptoms by 30% (King, 2014)! Thus far this has been found to be most effective treatment to date!
  2. Lose Weight
    In a recent study, researchers administered probiotics to overweight adults and found a significant reduction in fat content, body weight, and body mass index (Kadooka et al. 2010). This might be good news for some of us who have tried everything to lose weight but haven’t. No need to lose hope!
  3. Helps Reduce Stress
    Since stress is so prevalent in today’s world, probiotic drinks like kefir might just be part of the solution. There is a lot of cool research coming out in regards to the gut-brain connection. In a recent study, (Massaoaudi et al., 2011), participants were supplemented with probiotics for 30 days. After the elapsed time, the levels of anxiety and stress were found to be lower in all the participants.
    These are just three of the many benefits of drinking kefir. But besides its many healing powers, kefir also tastes great!
    Check the recipe below for a mouth-watering smoothie perfect for the summer season.

Sunshine Smoothie Recipe
Makes 16oz
¼ c. Peaches (frozen or fresh)
¼ c. Mangos (frozen or fresh)
1 tsp. Lucuma
½ c. Milk Kefir
1/4 -1/2 c. Ice
Place all ingredients into a blender.
Blend until all ingredients are combined.
Serve and enjoy!

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