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April 2021

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Featured Articles in April

The Um’s and Ah’s of Writing | Suzy Vadori

You’re probably familiar with Filler Words in speech.
These are the little words that fill the time when you’re pausing to think. “Um” and “Ah…” are both examples of words you might utter between thoughts when giving a speech in front of a crowd. I know when I’m teaching or speaking, I use the word “so…” to fill my gaps, and I’m working on not saying it. You likely don’t use um or ah in your writing, unless your character is saying it in dialogue. Yet, you might be using Filler Words in your writing all the same.

The Writers Home Office: Diversifying Your Income Sources | Barbori Garnet

Diversifying your income streams from writing is a great idea. Not only will you have many things to work on but if one stream slows down or ends, you still have other sources to bring in an income.

“Show, Don’t Tell”, “Conflict-Resolution” and Other Writing Shibboleths | Boris Glikman

My view has always been that one cannot hinder one’s creativity by saddling it with artificial rules. And so, when I write, I refuse to follow any established rules of writing, such as the rule that there have to be characters in one’s stories, the rule that a story’s plot needs to follow a “Conflict-Resolution” pattern, and the need for a story to “Show, Don’t Tell”.

75 Character Interview Questions | Allison Gorner

When developing a new character, an effective way to get to know them is to interview them. Conduct an interview with your character and answer truthfully, as the character, in first person.

3 Biggest Mistakes New Authors Make | Allyson E. Machate

There are three extremely common problems that stop new authors in their tracks and can keep you from ever finishing or successfully publishing your book. Solve these and you’ll write stronger drafts, improve your chances of publication, and enjoy more positive reader reviews no matter how your book gets to market.

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