Opal Rising – What’s Coming in April

The APRIL issue of Opal Rising is coming together…


:: The Healing Energy of Crystals – Crystal Dawn
Crystal is the founder of Moonstone Lightworks based on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC. She is a lightworker who loves to share the science behind energy modalities. With a professional background in chemistry, Crystal has also studied astrology and energy healing for over 30 years and currently practices intuitive astrology, tarot, crystals and Reiki with her clients. www.moonstonelightworks.com.

:: Don’t Reduce Your Dreams to Fit Your Reality Now – Liberty Forrest
Liberty helps Creative Women Develop a Bullet-Proof Mindset To Grab Life by the Throat and Insist on Chasing Their Dreams.

:: Faceless – Maggie Marshall
Maggie Marshall helps you in remembering your true nature of connection, healing and inner power. She guides you through spiritual, body awareness and shamanic experiences. She lives in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada near her beautiful tree and deer friends.

:: Become a Driver – Not a Passenger –Dannye Williamsen
Dannye Williamsen is a Ghostwriter, Editor, Author of fiction and nonfiction. Dannye holds a degree in psychology and has studied spiritual psychology for thirty-five years. She and her late husband shared a passion for spiritual psychology. She is a Southerner from Memphis, Tennessee.

…and more to come

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