No “Me Time”?

Try This—And No More Excuses by Liberty Forrest In my line of work (helping people get unstuck and moving forward in their lives), clients are always telling me about how insanely busy they are. They say, "I have no 'me time' at all!" They're exhausted. Fed up with responsibilities, and with everyone and everything else... Continue Reading →

3 Important Times to Post Social Media

(and 1 Crucial Step to Take for Every Event) by Catherine Saykaly-Stevens Article written in 2017 and appeared in the Opal Writer's Magazine - prior to Covid-19 - information in this article is still valid, just think of Live Local Events as Zoom events, and use the same guidelines. Attending live, local events are an... Continue Reading →

Opal Interview with Robert J Sawyer

From the Archives - March 2017 Opal Magazine. OPAL INTERVIEW WITH ROBERT J SAWYER OPAL: Can you tell us what prompted you to write Quantum Night? Quantum Night is my twenty-third novel. Most of my previous books had been very optimistic in tone, so much so that a few people have suggested I was perhaps... Continue Reading →

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