Do You Want to write a book?

I’ll bet you have at least a few book ideas swirling around in your brain.
But are you struggling to turn those ideas into a finished book? I know how hard it can be to get stuff out of your head and onto the page.

My friend Ally is an expert at this. Not only was she trained under some of the best editors in the business at Simon & Schuster, where she began her career, she went on to become a nationally bestselling ghostwriter and award-winning editor.

Ally’s just brilliant at helping people get clear on which of their many nonfiction book ideas is the best to pursue first in order to support their business goals. She’s even better at helping experts get those ideas out and into a structure that will take their ideal readers on an engaging, transformative journey. As she likes to say, she helps experts expand their messages to help even more people by writing and publishing great prescriptive books.

If you’re interested in finally moving forward on your book project, I’ve got great news. Ally has gifted my community an invitation to participate in her FREE 5-Day Challenge, “From Idea to Outline.” In just five days, you will:

  • get clarity on who your ideal reader is and why that matters
  • hone in on the best idea for a book that furthers your business
  • outline a solid structure so you’ll feel energized to start writing
  • and more!

Join me in participating in this challenge, which runs from Monday, July 27 through Friday, July 31. You can sign up right here

I am now accepting submissions from writers, poets, authors. See my Submissions page for more information!

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