This time 5 years ago

Opal Publishing- the beginning

5-Years ago I published my first newsletter for authors and readers. It was just a couple of pages with a book review on it and a bit about the author, but it was to be the beginning of my magazine that I went on to publish for 5 years.

I had the best time of my life working with new and also the most experienced of authors, and putting the magazine together each month – and holding down a full-time job in the publishing industry was tough! But I learned so much and though I was tired all the time – oh man, was I tired! I can look back now and take enormous pride in what I accomplished. I had begun with a 4 page newsletter and ended with magazines running up to 75 pages. And in the end I had also realized my most important dream; and that was to have my magazine in print!

Last year in July 2019 I published my last issue of the Opal Writers’ Magazine. It was the five years of ‘running on empty’ with the added cost of print editions that finally made me realize that I couldn’t go on anymore. Looking back, I realize if I could have just hung on and cut back to the digital edition I might have been able to save the magazine–but hindsight is 20/20 they say.

So, a year has gone by now since the magazine was closed, and I see the need for perhaps a smaller version of a writers magazine – online and digital only of course. With the pandemic of Covid-19 and social distancing a real thing of the present and future (at least for a while longer) there are more people writing their stories and there is a need for social media presence and belonging.

I’m going to start slow. For right now, I will share my blog with you and if you have a book that you would like reviewed, please send me a query email.

Have a wonderful week and Happy July!

June 2015 Opal Publishing newsletter
June 2015 Opal Publishing Newsletter
July 2019 Opal Writers' Magazine
July/August 2019 Opal Writers’ Magazine

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