The Art of Travel Memoir

Years ago, my mother asked me a highly intuitive question. “I feel there’s something you want to do and you’re not doing it. Am I right?” “As a matter of fact, yes.” I was a writer with a burning desire to weave my travel tales, but I wanted to tell the truth, the whole truth,... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Skeletons In My Closet

By Dave Sweet and Sarah Graham Non FictionPublisher: Mischievous Books, Calgary, AB           ISBN 9781988829036Size: 6x9 soft cover Author Dave Sweet is an active Calgary Homicide Detective. Author Sarah Graham writes action-adventure romantic fiction and is a Traditional Knowledge Facilitator for Indigenous communities and oil companies. Together they teamed up to write a book that... Continue Reading →

Interview with a writer – Stella Constance

Have you heard of Progressive Writing? I had an interview in 2019 with writer, Stella Constance who has coined this new writing style. What is the definition of Progressive Writing (PW)? Stella: It is a genre. Progressive writing (fictional and non-fictional work) looks at domestic, community, regional, or world problem(s), while offering possible viable solution(s)... Continue Reading →

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