Dead on the Page

By Linda White Ellen reads the group another long-winded piece. Beverley yawns behind a discrete hand at the story’s stream of unconsciousness and Carol thinks it’s no wonder that she couldn’t handle The Dubliners. “What do you think?” asks Ellen. Carol tries to remember anything she can comment on. Wool-gathering, out-of-body experience, whatever she labels... Continue Reading →

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November Preview

Coming November 1st in Opal Writers' Magazine Here is what you can expect to read in the November issue 4 NEW COMPELLING ARTICLES TO GET YOU WRITING & some MIND-BLOWING FICTION for literary aficionados Show It, Don’t Tell It – How to Spot Telling in Your Drafts By Suzy Vadori, Best-selling author and Book Coach... Continue Reading →

Western Canadian Writer Festivals

October 2020 Alberta Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival - October 31- November 8, 2020, Banff, AB - Alberta - October 15 - 25, 2020 - Edmonton -'s Poetry Festival - October 1-10, 2020 - Calgary - Alberts Readers Festival - October 6-28, 2020 - St. Albert - - October... Continue Reading →


REVELATA DYSMORPHOLOGIA By Boris Glikman It started out inconspicuously, inauspiciously, a small pimple on the lower left of his back, something no one would ever give a second glance. It didn't even itch, so demanded no instinctive scratching. But it grew and grew, developing into a small cyst at first, then into a larger and... Continue Reading →

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