The Great Switch

After the cataclysm took place, people, or rather the beings that people transformed into, would refer to it as The Great Switch. When these beings recalled how the world had been before […]


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Cindy is a dynamic force in publishing and highly supportive of writers and authors. I had the pleasure of writing briefly for Opal Magazine and look forward to future collaborations.

– Wanda St. Hilaire is an author, freelance/writer/ story-teller/ blogger


Cindy’s writings are so interesting. I am always captured by her stories.

M.J. PRESTON, Author

I wanted to take a minute to tell everybody about a great online magazine not only for writers, but for readers as well. Here you get a potpourri of inside information for writers, and a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction writing.

I have had two pieces published in this magazine, and there is so much great information available to check out.

This is such a great little magazine with so much to offer.

~ MJ Preston is a Writer of horror, science fiction, and crime thrillers.

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